Advent – links, lists and lockscreens

If you're looking for some Advent and Christmas ideas, here are some of the resources I've mentioned in other posts along with some lockscreens I've made for my phone at the end. For an introduction to Advent, the conversation between Jonathan Rogers and Tsh Oxenreider (author of Shadow & Light: A Journey into Advent) on … Continue reading Advent – links, lists and lockscreens

Advent – ache and anticipation

"I had completely missed somehow the idea of Advent being a matter of waiting for the second coming and not just pretending or imagining what it would be like to wait for the first coming of Christ", Jonathan Rogers explains in his conversation with Tsh Oxenreider. Well you and me both, Jonathan. My recent discovery … Continue reading Advent – ache and anticipation

Tips for finding inspiration and fuelling creativity

Are you looking for inspiration? Feeling a bit short on creativity? Want a bit of a challenge? Well thankfully, "Creativity is combining two things that already exist but that haven't been combined before", to quote Andrew T Le Peau, (Season 2, Episode 43 of The Habit Podcast) which means that the opportunities for creativity are … Continue reading Tips for finding inspiration and fuelling creativity

Beauty and utility (or form and function)

In my post where I wrote about a recent crisis of confidence and some corrective thoughts on creativity, I mentioned the wider topic of beauty and creativity pointing to God. I think sometimes as Christians we hear so often that when we interact with those around us we need to present the good news about … Continue reading Beauty and utility (or form and function)

Questioning and creative combinations

A few days ago I read a message that stopped me in my tracks and made me start questioning myself. It was a very simple message - "If possible, when it's ready I would be interested in reading your poem. Thanks in advance". The message was from a Brazilian photographer in response to my request … Continue reading Questioning and creative combinations