Carrapateiros and capybaras

The gavião carrapateiro is an astounding bird. It goes by the name 'Yellow-headed caracara' in English but I much prefer the literal translation 'tick hawk'. Gavião carrapateiro - @juliano.fabricante Brazil being extremely large, and the gavião carrapateiro appearing everywhere, it has a long list of aliases: caracará-branco, caracaraí, caracaratinga, carapinhé, gavião-pinhé, pinhé, pinhém, papa-bicheira, chimango, … Continue reading Carrapateiros and capybaras

Memorable haircuts from Bristol to Brazil

Studying 'Educating Rita' in Year 8 has had enduring consequences. Patina and frisson were both new words for me, but I think what has most stuck with me is Rita's comment about how every woman who comes to her for a haircut leaves invariably disappointed that she is unable to transform them into Farrah Fawcett-Majors. … Continue reading Memorable haircuts from Bristol to Brazil

Daily rhythms of life and death

On her third birthday our little one gained and lost her first pet. We both gave and (unwittingly) took it from her. She used to ask to see the fish every time my husband took her to town with him so we decided to give her a fish for her birthday. But it was a … Continue reading Daily rhythms of life and death

Outside my window #2

This evening as I am sat on our sofa with my daughter fast asleep across my lap it is quiet enough to hear the relentless traffic on the motorway nearby and the snapping of the pods on a tree just down the road. I've never really associated trees with noise before but this one is … Continue reading Outside my window #2

Swapping swallows for scorpions

When we hit the lockdown four month mark, I realised that I was only aware that so much time had passed because my shampoo had run out. I'd bought a 1 litre bottle in my last supermarket trip before full restrictions were announced and my shampoo bottle morphed gradually into a slightly lo-tech calendar. I … Continue reading Swapping swallows for scorpions