Encouraging children to engage with nature

Content warning - violence towards animals In previous posts I've mentioned that I believe the worldview of influential adults plays a large part in a child's openness to engage with (or continue engaging with) the natural world. In this post I will outline some of the ways that I attempt to encourage my three-year-old to … Continue reading Encouraging children to engage with nature

Danger in nature – all snakes and no ladders

Spot the snake (answer at the end) "There's danger everywhere!" exclaimed the twelve-year-old, after her little sister told her that scorpions like to nest in dry railway sleepers of the kind they were both standing on in the backyard. The twelve-year-old retreated to the security of the house and her phone, the three-year-old found a … Continue reading Danger in nature – all snakes and no ladders

On danger in nature

I've had a note on my phone for months now called 'Dangerous nature post'. It was a reminder to me to attempt to get some coherent thoughts down about nature, danger and the unknown. In February I read a fascinating article in Inkcap Journal. 'A dark miracle in the Forest of Dean' shows how the … Continue reading On danger in nature