Moments that change us

I was sorting out the laundry yesterday evening when it suddenly occurred to me to wonder why it was suddenly so quiet when the toddler's default setting is fairly noisy and rising. Her settings in fact are limited to power off, crescendo and full blast. I'd only just changed her nappy after having received a … Continue reading Moments that change us

Outside my window

This last year brought with it a few changes for me, including getting married and moving into a favela in Rio de Janeiro. I am frequently surprised by things I see and hear and yet it's also remarkable how quickly I've found myself accepting frankly shocking situations as the new normal. There is never a … Continue reading Outside my window

A second helping of beans and a smattering of proverbs

After the first great bean adventure, I thought I had the whole bean thing down and had been merrily regaling everyone, including my mother-in-law, with the wonders of our rice-cooker and its many beanifits (wahay!). At this point I should have heeded our first Brazilian proverb, 'não conte com o ovo no cu da galinha', … Continue reading A second helping of beans and a smattering of proverbs