The joys of translanguaging

Yesterday, my little one sat down at the table and said "Mummy, I need a prat". I've been enjoying hearing her stop-gap responses to language she can't remember, but this time I thought it best to offer her the appropriate word."Would you like a plate?""A prate?""A plate""No, I need a prat". She has been problem-solving … Continue reading The joys of translanguaging

Our language journey as a third-culture family

I've written previously about how language fascinates me and how amazing I find it to witness my daughter acquire two languages as she grows up. You can read about that here. She's now three and three months. I'll give a bit of background about our language journey as a third-culture family. [I'm using the term … Continue reading Our language journey as a third-culture family

Third culture Christmas

We are a Brazilian husband, a British wife and a Brazilian-British daughter currently living in Brazil. This year I'm trying to be intentional about choosing meaningful traditions for Advent and Christmas that will point us as a family to Christ. I've written more about the reason for this here. As a third culture family unit … Continue reading Third culture Christmas

Rethinking Christmas

This year my head has been slowly and repeatedly compressed and decompressed. It feels as if my mental capacity has been shrunk and enlarged at different times and perhaps this process has finally made me face up to a few things. Or at least see them in a different light. I'm not good with change. … Continue reading Rethinking Christmas