Christmas – to be continued… I'll just leave that there because well, it's brilliant. As I sit drinking a splendidly hot cup of tea made with one of a few extremely jealously guarded teabags I am feeling roundly comforted. Tea is an almost entirely reliable comfort for me, being "a panacea for all but stomach wounds" according to my … Continue reading Christmas – to be continued…

A poem for Christmas Day

I'm writing this on Boxing Day as rain is hammering on the windows and lightning is splitting the sky. At some point during Advent (probably as I was listening to the Art & Theology Advent playlist), the penny dropped for me that the characters in the Christmas story would have felt a whole range of … Continue reading A poem for Christmas Day

How to find poetry and poets you like online

At the beginning of lockdown the poems I had written years ago were still firmly locked away in obscurity and I wasn't really interested in reading or listening to any poetry. That has all changed now and in the course of lockdown I've not only started writing and sharing poetry but I've also been wanting … Continue reading How to find poetry and poets you like online