Good with words – Spoken word poem Good with words - Spoken word poem I want to be good with wordsMindfulDrawing back the blindsHelping people find the WordNo longer using slurs thatMar and mark and stain like grassOr words as swords to cut down those aroundTo show my crown of paper cut with words The One whose word whirs sharp and … Continue reading Good with words – Spoken word poem

Age of celebrity – Spoken word poem Age of celebrity - Spoken word poem We live in an age of celebrityAnd on every page of every magazineWe see that teenage dreamTo be famousTo have finally made it Playing the fame gameA desire to be desiredPublicly admiredHave the world realiseThat what's inside (or outside)Is beautiful And the magazinesBuilding on all those dreamsAre … Continue reading Age of celebrity – Spoken word poem

Father’s heart – Spoken word poem Father's heart - Spoken word poem Dad was there at my birth,He met me for the first timeRed-faced and outspoken within secondsA third life-changing arrival heavy in his arms The truth is though, I've got two dadsDad and Daddy Daddy already knew meGrew me for nine monthsFitting me together like a jigsawEach piece pressed … Continue reading Father’s heart – Spoken word poem

Spoken word for the socially shy

I'm a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to spoken word. I really enjoy writing it, even though these days it's with a sleeping toddler stretched across me in rural Brazil and not unhinderedly alone in my room in North London. It's a bit tricky to 'perform' spoken word when you don't actually … Continue reading Spoken word for the socially shy