Writing as worship

I'm coming to realise that writing comes in all forms and for all different purposes and that's one of the wonderful things about it. So writing blog posts is not frivolous if I am training myself to persevere and experimenting with different writing styles and techniques. And what I am unable to capture in a … Continue reading Writing as worship

Advent – links, lists and lockscreens

If you're looking for some Advent and Christmas ideas, here are some of the resources I've mentioned in other posts along with some lockscreens I've made for my phone at the end. For an introduction to Advent, the conversation between Jonathan Rogers and Tsh Oxenreider (author of Shadow & Light: A Journey into Advent) on … Continue reading Advent – links, lists and lockscreens

Third culture Christmas

We are a Brazilian husband, a British wife and a Brazilian-British daughter currently living in Brazil. This year I'm trying to be intentional about choosing meaningful traditions for Advent and Christmas that will point us as a family to Christ. I've written more about the reason for this here. As a third culture family unit … Continue reading Third culture Christmas

Advent – ache and anticipation

"I had completely missed somehow the idea of Advent being a matter of waiting for the second coming and not just pretending or imagining what it would be like to wait for the first coming of Christ", Jonathan Rogers explains in his conversation with Tsh Oxenreider. Well you and me both, Jonathan. My recent discovery … Continue reading Advent – ache and anticipation

Rethinking Christmas

This year my head has been slowly and repeatedly compressed and decompressed. It feels as if my mental capacity has been shrunk and enlarged at different times and perhaps this process has finally made me face up to a few things. Or at least see them in a different light. I'm not good with change. … Continue reading Rethinking Christmas

Songs that lift my gaze

I love the way that certain songs so powerfully draw my gaze to Jesus and remind me of foundational truths that I so quickly forget. I find it so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of life (and this is even without the information and emotional overload that news channels bring) and lose … Continue reading Songs that lift my gaze

Good with words – Spoken word poem

https://youtu.be/spxPp_gJKGw Good with words - Spoken word poem I want to be good with wordsMindfulDrawing back the blindsHelping people find the WordNo longer using slurs thatMar and mark and stain like grassOr words as swords to cut down those aroundTo show my crown of paper cut with words The One whose word whirs sharp and … Continue reading Good with words – Spoken word poem

Age of celebrity – Spoken word poem

https://youtu.be/1it20asG61I Age of celebrity - Spoken word poem We live in an age of celebrityAnd on every page of every magazineWe see that teenage dreamTo be famousTo have finally made it Playing the fame gameA desire to be desiredPublicly admiredHave the world realiseThat what's inside (or outside)Is beautiful And the magazinesBuilding on all those dreamsAre … Continue reading Age of celebrity – Spoken word poem

Father’s heart – Spoken word poem

https://youtu.be/uDQ0dopqWXA Father's heart - Spoken word poem Dad was there at my birth,He met me for the first timeRed-faced and outspoken within secondsA third life-changing arrival heavy in his arms The truth is though, I've got two dadsDad and Daddy Daddy already knew meGrew me for nine monthsFitting me together like a jigsawEach piece pressed … Continue reading Father’s heart – Spoken word poem

Unmoving mountains and the glory of God

I grew up in a farmhouse in the bottom of a valley with windows facing the hill on the other side of the river, accompanied by a constant watery melody with frequent train interludes. Towering beech trees were visible from every window and with their changing colours and seasonal skies the result was always dramatic, … Continue reading Unmoving mountains and the glory of God