Memorable haircuts from Bristol to Brazil

Studying 'Educating Rita' in Year 8 has had enduring consequences. Patina and frisson were both new words for me, but I think what has most stuck with me is Rita's comment about how every woman who comes to her for a haircut leaves invariably disappointed that she is unable to transform them into Farrah Fawcett-Majors. … Continue reading Memorable haircuts from Bristol to Brazil

Daily rhythms of life and death

On her third birthday our little one gained and lost her first pet. We both gave and (unwittingly) took it from her. She used to ask to see the fish every time my husband took her to town with him so we decided to give her a fish for her birthday. But it was a … Continue reading Daily rhythms of life and death

Advent – links, lists and lockscreens

If you're looking for some Advent and Christmas ideas, here are some of the resources I've mentioned in other posts along with some lockscreens I've made for my phone at the end. For an introduction to Advent, the conversation between Jonathan Rogers and Tsh Oxenreider (author of Shadow & Light: A Journey into Advent) on … Continue reading Advent – links, lists and lockscreens

Third culture Christmas

We are a Brazilian husband, a British wife and a Brazilian-British daughter currently living in Brazil. This year I'm trying to be intentional about choosing meaningful traditions for Advent and Christmas that will point us as a family to Christ. I've written more about the reason for this here. As a third culture family unit … Continue reading Third culture Christmas

Rain, rain, go away?

I don't know how many times in my life I've heard people say 'Don't you just love a cold/rainy/wintry day when you're tucked up inside all nice and warm/dry/cosy and listening to the weather outside?' (delete as applicable). Actually, I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone say that, I think I've only ever read that … Continue reading Rain, rain, go away?

Outside my window #2

This evening as I am sat on our sofa with my daughter fast asleep across my lap it is quiet enough to hear the relentless traffic on the motorway nearby and the snapping of the pods on a tree just down the road. I've never really associated trees with noise before but this one is … Continue reading Outside my window #2

Swapping swallows for scorpions

When we hit the lockdown four month mark, I realised that I was only aware that so much time had passed because my shampoo had run out. I'd bought a 1 litre bottle in my last supermarket trip before full restrictions were announced and my shampoo bottle morphed gradually into a slightly lo-tech calendar. I … Continue reading Swapping swallows for scorpions

Reflections on the art of interpreting

"I translate verbatim and in the first person. To add or omit anything would distort the dialogue. I have to find the right words and register, but I’m also required to mirror emotion and intonation. Silences are important, too; they are all part of how we converse. The way words are delivered changes a whole … Continue reading Reflections on the art of interpreting

Moments that change us

I was sorting out the laundry yesterday evening when it suddenly occurred to me to wonder why it was suddenly so quiet when the toddler's default setting is fairly noisy and rising. Her settings in fact are limited to power off, crescendo and full blast. I'd only just changed her nappy after having received a … Continue reading Moments that change us

The gift of language!

Yesterday we happened to be in the airport and while my husband was waiting for the lady we'd come to meet, I took our nearly two year old to the toilets to do a quick nappy change. She was singing and laughing away to herself as I changed her nappy and I was singing along … Continue reading The gift of language!