Run-ins with reptiles

I never had much contact with reptiles growing up. When I was volunteering in a church in Nicaragua with a team from the UK who were mostly also late teens, one of the lads bought at iguana from the market. It was being sold to eat and he bought it to surprise a team-mate. Its … Continue reading Run-ins with reptiles

Danger in nature – all snakes and no ladders

“There’s danger everywhere!” exclaimed the twelve-year-old, after her little sister told her that scorpions like to nest in dry railway sleepers of the kind they were both standing on in the backyard. The twelve-year-old retreated to the security of the house and her phone, the three-year-old found a stick and started poking it into the … Continue reading Danger in nature – all snakes and no ladders

On danger in nature

I’ve had a note on my phone for months now called ‘Dangerous nature post‘. It was a reminder to me to attempt to get some coherent thoughts down about nature, danger and the unknown. In February I read a fascinating article in Inkcap Journal. ‘A dark miracle in the Forest of Dean‘ shows how the … Continue reading On danger in nature

The joys of translanguaging

Yesterday, my little one sat down at the table and said “Mummy, I need a prat”. I’ve been enjoying hearing her stop-gap responses to language she can’t remember, but this time I thought it best to offer her the appropriate word.“Would you like a plate?”“A prate?”“A plate”“No, I need a prat”. She has been problem-solving … Continue reading The joys of translanguaging

Birds, bins and Brazil

My obsession with Brazilian birds has definitely been growing over the last year and a half. My husband actually introduced me to the iconic Sabi√°-laranjeira (Rufous-bellied Thrush) in the few weeks after we first met, but since I was in the UK for most of our relationship, and then living in favelas after we got … Continue reading Birds, bins and Brazil


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