Celebrating with TunaFish Journal

I first came across TunaFish Journal a few months ago and found their focus refreshing and uplifting. At the time all I could see were poetry magazines looking for intense first-person narratives and bleak, raw or nightmarish poems, so it was lovely to find ‘a journal for the tender-hearted readers and writers out there’.

‘We love pieces that are tender, sweet, joyful, celebratory.’ And so I sat down and wrote some poems.

I was overjoyed to see these little poems released into the world and really honoured that they found a home with TunaFish Journal. I didn’t understand why people talked about ‘finding homes’ for poems until I contemplated submitting mine for publication and then it suddenly made sense!

If you would like to read the poems, ‘Song’ and ‘Iridescence’, you can find them here (along with the rest of Issue 1, which is spectacular).

Below is a reading of ‘Song’ on TunaFish Journal’s YouTube channel.

And this is a reading of ‘Iridescence’ on my YouTube channel.

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