Some poets I follow

You can read my post about how to find poetry and poets online for more ideas here.

These are some poets I follow and some online events that I’ve watched or taken part in so I hope this list might prove to be a good springboard.

If you find that you like a poet’s work, then follow them and keep an eye on what they share on social media (in stories or retweets), as that will often help you find other poets whose work you might also enjoy!

On Instagram

Spoken word online events (Replica – Christian, UK-based, IGTV)
@osagie_osa (The Mic – Christian, US-based, IGTV)
@theinkmagazine (The Ink Magazine runs Spit That Poet open mic events, US-based, IGTV)
@isolated_poets_society (Isolated Poets’ Society – UK-based, Zoom)
@poeticunity (The Poets Corner Online, UK-based, IGTV)

Poetry / literary magazines that I’ve come across on Instagram (most are on Twitter):

@theminisonproject (Minimal sonnet form)
@theinkmagazine (Spoken word)
@lost.pen.magazine (all sorts of Christian writing – poetry, spoken word, testimonies, prose)

These are some of the individual poets I follow on Instagram. This is a mixture of spoken word, written word, published, unpublished, well-known, little known and from different places around the world.

Christian poets

@dabear_gswa (see IGTV appearances on The Mic event hosted by @osagie_osa)





Christian written poets


Other poets



Twitter is absolutely filled with writers and poets!

Writers tend to retweet links to the journals / literary magazines where their work has been published but also tweet poems, writing prompts, other people’s work and share opportunities for writing courses, workshops and so on.

I only follow a few writers on Twitter at the moment but they are excellent!

@Pheaganesque / @IpsaHerself
@KateClanchy1 is a writer and teacher who tweets her students’ incredible poems

There are too many literary journals and magazines to helpfully list here. They often have a specific feel (not just intense or gothic, but also tender, uplifting, experimental or with a focus on the sea, rural life, windows in or out, rivers, memories and so on). The Poets’ Directory (@PoetsDirectory) stewards a long list of literary journals based in the UK and Ireland.

Journals and magazines are all different. Some release issues, some publish poems or writing on their blog, some have both. Blogs can be quite an accessible place for scanning poetry to see what you like and some have a follow / subscribe function which makes it easier to catch up on what interests you.

Have you got some favourite poets you follow? Please feel free to share your recommendations in the comments!

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